...freshman. I originally wanted to major in graphic design (to become an Art Director) because of my love of art. Lately I've ... Read the rest of this entry »
... the audition dates. Is there any other high schools in Las Vegas that major in art? Like drawing, painting, sculpting.. all that? ... Read the rest of this entry »
I'd like to find a school that is accredited in the graphic designing feild and it would preferably be near or in Nevada. Read the rest of this entry »
...monument features 60-foot sculptures of the heads of four U.S...landmark? : 1. Hoover Dam in Utah and Nevada 2. Mount Rushmore in Colorado 3. Hoover... Read the rest of this entry »
... goal is to find one freelance (student) artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. What web site can I go to? I have tried the college... Read the rest of this entry »
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