set of four bronze horse in fountain picThese four life size bronze horses would look good in front of an office building or shopping mall. Call Vincent at 916-626-2982 Corporate Art Large Bronze Statues.

set of four bronze horseThis Is What Million Dollar Horses Look Like!  Original price over $1 Million dollars, builder went bankrupt and never installed the 2nd set. These are still in the crates and are for sale. These would look great in front of an office complex. Four 6 foot tall bronze horses from Italy Quattro Cavalli Horses Call Vincent for details 916-626-2982 They are new still in the original shipping crates. These are made in Italy and are Italian copies of the famous and priceless St. Mark’s Basilica Horse Statues. 4 Large Bronze Quattro Cavalli Horses For Sale. Visit this web page to learn more about them.

gus gracey -art- madrid and london work (edited by jorge manrique behrens)Duration: 00:04:52View: 1,008 GUS GRACEY is the signature name of a many sided and cosmopolitan artist. Born in Lima,Perú,he has lived in Madrid for almost 25 years an...
Sam Coronado: A RetrospectiveDuration: 00:11:20View: 179 This retrospective exhibition reviews 35 years of artist Sam Coronado's artworks and his contributions to the local and national Latino art scene. Coronado, ...
My art workDuration: 00:00:56View: 17 1. About me 2. Plant (aunty helped with that) 3. Mario and Luigi- mixed 4. Kang 5. Homer 6. Red M&M 7. Kung Fu panda.
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