I'm a soon-to-be college freshman. I originally wanted to major in graphic design (to become an Art Director) because of my love of art. Lately I've been rethinking this because I've always had an inclination to work in the medical field. I thought a gynecologist sounded like a very interesting type of doctor. I was just looking for some insight as to what it's like to be a gynecologist (and if it's worth choosing that major over graphic design). What would the average day be like, is it an interesting job, etc. Thanks!

  • Simpson G:

    You would be an OB/GYN.

    Most specialists don’t have “average days”. Clinic is usually regular bread and butter visits. Some are pregnancy checks, some are annual exams, etc. How many pt’s are pregnant and how many are just annual visits will vary wildly by day.

    Call means you sleep at the hospital in their overnight suite and you are paged with ANY delivery, not just your patients, not just high risk patients, not just emergency patients.

    You will have some scheduled surgeries, usually c-sections, laparoscopies, hysterectomies, etc.

    I have no idea if you would thnk it’s interesting. It’s important to note that for most docs, medicine is not TV medicine. Unless you subspecialize in something more high risk, the majority of your patients will be bread and butter.

    As you move along in your practice, you may be able to shift towards GYN only, but your residency and early years will be both OB and GYN.

    Malpractice insurance is extraordinarily high for some OB/GYNs. Certain states are terrible and notorious for this (Nevada, I’m talking to you). But, in a group situation, your employer will often cover this cost.

  • Diane A:

    Taking the pre med classes may make this more clear for you, as will doing volunteer work. You do not choose your medical specialty until residency so you still need to do the 4 years of med school and study all aspects of medicine-many people change their minds for their specialty. As to what a OB/GYN does: office work-may be 30 to 50 patients a day with pregnancy visits or GYN issues; surgery on some days, deliveries at all hours, if you do those. On call at the hospital for emergencies.

  • Pooky™:

    You’d work in an office, and your parents are (obviously) women. Many of them come to see you because they are pregnant, but the rest of your parents come in for other things, as well. For example, a woman needs to have a regular pap smear. You also deal with cancer of female reproductive organs (yes, you’d do surgery, too).

    The malpractice insurance is very high for OB/GYN by the way.

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