The decor in my house is modern art with alot of deep reds, oranges and browns.. just very artsy. Yet a have a small stand in the corder that has a Royal Doulton figurine and some antigue english style tea cups a saucers. Does that seems weird? My husband payed alot of money for them, but I don't want it to disrupt the modern artsy flow in the house. What do you think? Should I keep them out or put them in storage?

  • Eagles Fly:

    Put them on display so all can enjoy. This was a special gift from your husband that he picked out just for you.

    You need not worry about your decor because you don’t have to have everything match. Sounds like this display will add interest to you home, not to mention a conversation piece when you have quests over. It will not only make you guests enjoy looking at it, but will also give some comfort to your husband that you indeed enjoy what he has purchased just for you. Sounds like your husband knows what you like and enjoy besides having very good taste.

    I have a couple of older pieces of furniture in my home that don’t necessarily go hand and hand with the rest of my other furniture and such. It just doesn’t matter. If you like it, display it. What good is it going to be if put into storage where others can’t enjoy it.

    If anything this will add to the artsy of your home. You don’t always need to purchase something that fits with what you have in your home. Why leave something behind, that you would really enjoy, just because it doesn’t go with what you already have.

  • Alison:

    “Decor” is supposed to make you happy. If you like looking at them then they stay. If anyone comes into your home and comments that they look out of place you don’t invite them back. This isn’t about a photo shoot for a magazine it’s about surrounding yourself with the things you love.

  • peg4cda:

    I have a mix of modern, old and antique. I chose each of the old/antique pieces because I love them and happen to think old and new can give a wonderfully interesting eclectic look. I say if you love this piece, then leave it there. Everything needn’t match to have a great look.

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