EXTRACT FROM DE REVIEW OF ART "LE PARCOURS" - 畫家加拿大Robert Bernier, historian and art expert. «Charles Carson's painting is divided into two approaches which are both distinct and complimentary. One was even named Carsonism by some art critics and historians. This approach is not easy to describe, but generally speaking it is composed of an infinite succession of slightly oblique strokes which, on the surface, add maximum energy to our perception of theme and subject, with the whole being animated through subtle transparencies which are quite sensational, creating an impression of depth and colour. It's like an incessant flow of particles -- all the same size -- which sweep the paint with fascinating, even disconcerting regularity. Carson's second approach is simply that of mosaic. As its name suggests, we find a fragmentation of form and surface characteristic of the mosaic style. In both instances the artist endows the surface of his canvasses with great energy, creating an altered state in which his powerfully metaphorical universe is expressed.» Revue Parcours L'informateur des arts Robert Bernier, historien et expert en art. «La peinture de Charles Carson se divise en deux approches à la fois distinctes et complémentaires. L'une d'elles a même été baptisée par certains critiques et historiens de l'art de « carsonisme* ». Cette approche n'est pas facile à décrire, mais de manière générale on peut parler d'une succession infinie de touches légèrement obliques qui ...
Duration: 00:02:14   Rating:    View: 483
From: carsonisme
Keywords: creator, painting, drawing, Fine, Art, Artist, Québec, Canada, Master, Contemporary, peintre, créateur, artiste, du, Galerie, Gallery, sotheby's

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